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Automatic Followspot Controller
Infotrace -- A Complete Feedback Network for Your Lighting System

Coloram IT – Scrolling Color Changers
CXI IT – Dual-Scroller Color Mixing
Forerunner – Inexpensive with Just Enough Features
Forerunner 7 inch 7 inch

Eclipse IT Iris Dowsers
Eclipse IT Shutter Dowsers
Large Format (5K/16 inch) LF (5K/16 inch)

Fiber-Optic Illuminator
Beam Projectors
Audience Blinder

PS-150, PS-300, PS-600

Wybron's 150-, 300- and 600-watt PS Power Supplies™ attach easily to a truss or can be mounted into a 19-inch rack. Each provides power and control signal for Wybron's lighting products, which send feedback to their operators with Remote Device Management.

Both the signal and the power travel along a single 4 pin cable, eliminating the need for a separate power cable for each device. All the devices can be daisy chained for easy wiring and setup.

PS-450i: Permanent Install

For permanent installations, the PS-450i™ supplies 300 watts of power and mounts on a wall. This power supply has three separate output branches making it easy to configure in theaters large and small.

The PS-450i also works with Wybron's Infotrace products, allowing feedback from the equipment to be transmitted to the user's console or computer.

Net IT PS-600: Ethernet-Ready

The Net IT PS-600™ Power Supply and data translation gateway receives input via Ethernet and converts it into two DMX512 universes for distribution to moving lights or smoke machines.

Four-pin cable close-up

4-pin Cables (XLR-4)

Wybron's 4-pin cables transmit data and power for nearly every Wybron product, including the Coloram, CXI, and Forerunner color changers, the Nexera luminaires, the Eclipse mechanical dowsers, the Goboram gobo rotator and more.

5-pin Cables (XLR-5)

Wybron's 5-pin cables are industry-standard DMX data-transmitting cables. Used virtually everywhere in the lighting world, these 5-pin cables also work with Wybron's Transition fiber optic illuminator.

7-pin Cables (Hirose 7)

Wybron's 7-pin cables transmit data for Wybron's Autopilot II, the tracking system that turns moving lights into automated followspots.