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Amplifiers and Mixer/Amplifiers
BG-2000 Series Mixer/Amplifiers
BA-200 Series Power Amplifiers NEW!
BG-200 Series Mixer/Amplifiers
9000M2 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers

900 Series Modular Mixer/Amplifiers
900 Series In-Wall Mixer/Amplifiers
900 Series Modules
700 Series Mixer/Amplifiers
BG Series Mixer/Amplifiers
BG-M Series Mixer/Amplifiers
DA Series Multi-channel Amplifiers
900 Series Power Amplifiers
IP Series Dual Ch. Power Amplifiers
CA Series Mobile (12 VDC) Amplifiers
HX-5 Variable Dispersion Speakers
Line Array Speakers
Ceiling-Mount Speakers
Interior Design Speakers
Box Speakers
Paging Horn Speakers
Weather-Resistant Speakers
UL Listed Speakers

PC-5L Clean Room Speaker
PC-3CL Splash-Resistant
ER Series Megaphones

Wireless and Wired Microphones
EM-Series Presentation Microphones
IR Wireless Microphone System

Trantec Wireless Microphone Systems

5000 Series Wireless Systems
WT-4820 Modular Wireless Systems

WA-1822/C Meeting Amplifiers
PM-660U Desktop Paging Mic
PM-20EV Digital Desktop Paging Mic
DM-1200 / DM-1300US Handheld Mics
PM-222U Noise Canceling Mic



PTZ Domes
Box Cameras

IR Cameras
C-DR Series Digital Video Recorders

C-MS Series Multiplexers
LCD and CRT Monitors
C-AP105 Coaxial Transmission

Intercom Systems
N-8000 IP Network Intercom
VS-900 Institutional Intercom

M-633D Digital Stereo Mixer NEW!
D-2000 Digital Mixing System
M-9000M2 Modular Digital Mixer
D-901 Modular Digital Mixer
M-900MK2 Modular Mixer

M-243 Rack-mount Mixer

Conference Systems
TS-800 / TS-900
Infrared Conference

TS-770 Portable Wired Conference

Signal Processors
DP-K1 Digital Processor
DP-L2 Ambient Noise Controller
E-1231 / E-232 Graphic Equalizers
MP-1216 Monitor Panels
Digital Message Repeaters
EV-20R Rack-mount
EV-20A Sound Repeater
PM-20EV Paging Mic,
S-20S 900 Series Module
Network Audio
NX-100/S Network Audio

Other Products
ER Series Megaphones
DT-930 AM/FM Tuner

TT-104B Program Timer
ZM-104A Impedance Meter

Portable Public Address System