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logo PowerFLEX™ Cable Assemblies
Lex Products cable assemblies start with proprietary cables which utilize the latest compounds for the right combination of durability and flexibility. The world’s finest connectors are then attached with state-of-the-art processes, expertise and quality.
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logo Data Cables
Lex Products provides a selection of cables, adapters and accessories manufactured with high grade components to support the wide range of applications available in the Entertainment marketplace.
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logo Audio Cables
Lex Pro Audio cable assemblies utilize professional quality components, married with our our proven manufacturing expertise to make signal and speaker cables for FOH, monitor and recording systems.
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logo PowerHOUSE™ Portable Distribution Boxes
A full range of power distribution systems from 20 Amps to 400 Amps. These products are durable, safe, long lasting and deliver power where and when it is needed.
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logo PowerGATE™ Company Switches
The patented Lex Products Company Switch provides a safe and convenient means of supplying temporary power access. The space saving provides 16 Series, Cam-type and lug output connections protected by a 100% rated, electronic trip main breaker. Available in both NEMA Type 1 and NEMA Type 3R Configurations.
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logo Dimming & Control
Lex dimming is rugged and feature rich. Check out the variety of Lex dimming options available from single dimmers, through packs and full racks.
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logo PowerRACK™ Rolling Distribution Racks
Lex Products' unique combination of aluminum and engineered thermoplastic is more durable and streamlined. There’s no external hardware to catch or break.
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logo PowerPLUS™ Permanently Installed Connector Strips and Outlet Boxes
Lex Products offers a complete line of permanently installed connector strips and outlet boxes to allow power and data access above and around theaters, studios and architectural spaces.
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logo PowerPARTS™ Wiring Devices
An assortment of wiring devices to suit a variety of electrical needs. Choose from our wide range of products for extreme durability and reliability.
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