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JR Clancy

2011 Catalog

Automated Rigging

PowerLift Hoist
PowerLift® Hoist

Affordable, reliable automated rigging.

Automated hoists for front of house or onstage use.

Economical automated hoist when you need accurate, repeatable positioning.

Automate existing (or new) manual counterweight sets.

The simplest and most widely used hoists.

An individual drum for each lift line eliminates head and loft blocks.

A separate hoist for each lift line for the ultimate flexibility.

Compact hoist for special applications.

For high speed, high capacity, and unusual applications.

Automated Rigging Controls Products

SceneControl 500 SceneControl® 500

Sophisticated position control for medium to large systems.

Altus Controller Altus

Position control for mid-level systems.

SceneControl 100 SureTarget 10

Position control for small systems.

SureTarget SureTarget

Single channel position control for fixed speed hoists.

Pushbutton Controls Pushbutton Controls

Custom and standard control stations.

Manual Rigging Products

Manual Rigging Blocks

Head Blocks - 55 Series Head Blocks - 55 Series

Upright head block; cast iron or nylon sheaves; 8", 12", and 16" diameter.

Head Blocks - 59 Series Head Blocks - 59 Series

Underhung head block; cast iron or nylon sheaves; 8", 12", and 16" diameter.

Loft Blocks - 19 Series Loft Blocks - 19 Series

Underhung loft block, with notched side plate for mounting to a single beam. Cast iron or nylon sheaves; 8" and 12" diameter.

Loft Blocks - 55 & 59 Series Loft Blocks - 55, 56 & 59 Series

Universal loft blocks for upright or underhung mounting. Cast iron or nylon sheaves with 8" and 12" diameter, plus 16" diameter steel blocks.

Loft Block Idlers Loft Block Idler

Mounted on the side of a loft block to support ongoing lift lines.

Loft Block Pivot Bracket

Adaptor for Universal loft blocks which must be mounted on sloped beams.

Custom Blocks Custom Blocks

Custom blocks are available to meet your requirements.

Loft Block - Multi-Sheave Loft Block - Multi-Sheave

Rope blocks with 2 - 5 independent sheaves.

Mule Blocks - 12 Series Mule Blocks - 12 Series

Blocks for turning lift lines, 8" and 12" diameter.

Mule Block Stand & Swivel Mule Block Stands & Swivel

Stands and swivel mounting brackets for mule blocks.

Tension Floor Blocks Tension Floor Blocks

Adjustable block at the bottom of the hand line, used with A, J, or T guides.

Sliding Tension Floor Blocks Sliding Tension Floor Blocks

Stand alone floor blocks used with fire curtains.

Fixed Combination Floor Blocks Fixed Combination Floor Blocks

Stand alone floor block with rope lock, used with wire guide sets.

Adjustable Combination Floor Blocks Adjustable Combination Floor Blocks

Stand alone floor block with rope lock, used with wire guide sets, with adjustable sheave.

Wire Guide Floor Blocks Wire Guide Floor Blocks

Used with 011-518 series wire guide locking rails.

Light Duty Blocks Light Duty Blocks

3" blocks used with fire lines and other light load applications.

Manual Rigging Arbors

J-Guide Arbors, Single Purchase J-Guide Arbors, Single Purchase

Counterweight arbors for use with A, J, and T guide systems

J-Guide Arbors, Double Purchase J-Guide Arbors, Double Purchase

Double Purchase counterweight arbors for use with A, J, and T guide systems.

Wire Guide Arbors Wire Guide Arbors

Wire guided arbors, not recommended for systems with more than 30' of travel.v

Lattice Track Arbors Lattice Track Arbors

Guided arbors, usually for single sets such as fire curtains.

Counterweights Counterweights

Flame cut steel weights for use in arbors.

Manual Rigging Rope Locks

Rope Lock Rope Lock

Ductile iron lock with 9" contoured handle, can be padlocked.

SureLock SureLock®

Load sensing rope lock, will not open if the set is out of balance.

Manual Rigging Locking Rails

J-Guide Locking Rail J-Guide Locking Rail

Floor mounted locking rail for use with A, J, or T guide systems.

Gallery Locking Rail Gallery Locking Rail

For gallery mounting, with steel mesh.

Wire Guide Locking Rail Wire Guide Locking Rail

Floor mounting locking rail with wire guide tie-offs and supports for WG floor blocks.

Manual Rigging Guides

J-Guide J-Guide

Aluminum arbor guide, for fastest installation, and simple reconfiguration to meet unexpected site conditions.

T-Guide T-Guide

Traditional steel arbor guide system.

A-Guide A-Guide

Heavy duty aluminum arbor guide system.

Lattice Track Lattice Track

Wall mounted arbor guide track for a single arbor.

Outrigger Bracket Outrigger Brackets

Supports outrigger battens used above the locking rail for index lights or temporary scenery storage.

Index Lights Index Lights

Strip lights to illuminate the locking rail. One and two circuit units available.