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High End Systems - Barco


Wholehog 3 Console Wholehog 3 Console
Cutting-edge lighting and show control designed for the largest mega events in a sleek, compact design with intuitive interface.
Road Hog Full Boar Console

Road Hog Full Boar Console

Expand your possibilites with an unsurpassed amount of power and flexibility to achieve cutting-edge lighting.

Road Hog Console

Road Hog Console

The simple and intuitive operations as well as cost effectiveness offer an unprecedented amount of control in a sleek package.

Hog 3PC Hog 3PC
Hog 3PC brings you the convenience and power of the Wholehog operating software running on your PC.

Digital Lighting

DL.3 Digital Light

DL.3 Digital Light
With its array of robust new features, provides the programmer/user with a powerful visual graphics tool to meet the expectations of today’s audiences. 

DL.3F Digital Light
Targeted at fixed installations, the DL.3F has reduced input/output capabilities, no camera, and no roadcase.

DML-1200 DML-1200 w/ Axon
12.000 field lumens digital luminaire, with DLP video projector capability
Axon Media Server

Axon Media Server

Powered by the DL.2/DL.3 graphics engine, Axon provides all the cutting edge functions of the DL.2/DL.3 with the flexibility of choosing your output device.

ArenaView ArenaView Orbital Head System
Use an entire arena as a creative palette with a package of Barco FLM projectors, ArenaView Orbital Heads and Axon Media Servers.
SDI-DMX Mixer Pro

SDI-DMX Mixer Pro
Offers the ability to switch, mix and matrix four video inputs to four video outputs. Perfect for using with multiple sources and outputs, such as DL.3, DML-1200, video cameras and multiple video projectors and screens.

LED Lights

SHOWPIX merges a high power LED wash light with a programmable high intensity graphic display for a unique eye-catching look in any rig.
StudioPix StudioPix
StudioPix offers the same eye-catching excitement and unlimited possibilities as SHOWPIX but in a smaller package.

Moving Luminaries

intellaspotintellaspot XT-1™
The intellaspot XT-1 represents the next generation in innovative optics, providing high lumen output, energy efficiency, zoom range, and overall feature set — all at a highly economical price point. 
Showbeam 2.5SHOWBEAM 2.5
Showbeam 2.5 is a 2500W automated wash luminaire with a revolutionary patent pending effect, the Twin Beam™.
SHOWGUN 2.5 provides entertainment lighting design possibilities in three dimensions: first, in the air with high-energy focused or soft edge beams; second, with images projected on the stage surface, and third, at the SHOWGUN 2.5 fixture itself with an innovative LED Tracking System.
Studio BeamStudio Beam®
Efficient optics offer high-output color mixing, large zoom range and intense beam shaping
Studio SpotStudio Spot® CMY Zoom
Flagship fixture for beam effects, Lithopatterns® projection and color mixing
Studio SpotStudio Spot® 575 Zoom
Overachieving fixture with powerful projection that cuts any wash
Studio ColorStudio Color® 575
Quiet and road-worthy wash luminaire with innovative color-mixing system

Cyberlight 2.0Cyberlight® 2.0
Ultimate power with extreme output in this redux of the classic fixture