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Portable & permanent vinyl floors

Our range of vinyl floors provides portable and permanent dance floor solutions and those indicated are also suitable as a dance surface when used in conjunction with Harlequin’s sprung floors.

floorrollAll Harlequin vinyl performance surfaces (except Tap and TV Tiles) come in rolls as shown here in the photo on the left. The images below are intended to show the layers of materials contained in each floor. When you go to the individual product pages, the floor detail will explain what each layer is.

Harlequin AllegroHarlequin Allegro

Allegro - a floor especially developed by Harlequin to offer superb protection against hard sub-floors. The thickest roll-out dance floor available. Allegro can be laid onto a very hard surface, such as concrete, to provide a "semi-sprung" dance floor.

Harlequin CascadeHarlequin Cascade

Cascade - the "ideal" surface for ballet, jazz and contemporary dance, Cascade is suitable for both temporary and permanent installation and is extremely resistant to wear. The surface provides a perfect 'feel' - silky soft without any hint of being slippery.

Harlequin FiestaHarlequin Fiesta

Fiesta has been developed with a tough wear coat to stand up to the rigors of percussive dance such as tap and Irish dance. Fiesta's oak-strip patterned hard surface provides an elegant solution that is great for social dancing as well.

Harlequin ReversibleHarlequin Reversible

Reversible - the classic double-sided marley type flooring for dance and stage. With a different color on the reverse, there are 7 combinations to choose from, each quick to roll out and lay flat to provide a slip-resistant dance surface.

Harlequin StudioHarlequin Studio

Studio - designed for extra strength and with a firm cushioned foam backing. Studio protects against hard sub-floors, but is still light enough to be portable for touring. Available in many colors, Studio also helps to reduce noise while offering a slip-resistant surface.

Harlequin TempoHarlequin Studio B

Studio B - designed for extra strength and with a firm cushioned foam backing. Studio B protects against hard sub-floors, but is still light enough to be portable for touring. Studio B's surface is specially formulated for ballet, modern and other barefoot dancing. Available in 2 colors, Studio B also helps to reduce noise.

Harlequin TempoHarlequin Tempo

Tempo - a floor particularly suited to the requirements of modern dance and thicker than our Studio range. Tempo provides added protection against hard sub-floors, bridges slight unevenness in the sub-floor and has a wear layer to resist scuffing.

Harlequin Hi-ShineHarlequin Hi-Shine

Harlequin Hi-Shine rolls out instantly to a breathtaking wet-look finish! This hi gloss surface is perfectly suited to award shows and fashion runways. Available in 5 colors.

Harlequin StandfastHarlequin Standfast

Standfast, an extremely hardwearing and heavy-duty flooring, Standfast will withstand any punishment a multi-purpose stage or studio has to offer!

Harlequin TV Tiles

TV Tiles - made in large 36 inch squares formatted to precise engineering standards, TV Tiles provide an ideal flat, smooth floor for television studios well able to withstand the day-to-day demands of equipment, trolleys, lighting trusses and carpenters!

Harlequin TempoHarlequin Tap Tiles

Tap Tiles - a specially formulated dance flooring to meet the needs of tap, but with protection against pits and scratches. Provided as yard squares that slide together to rapidly provide a tap area, leaving the floor beneath untouched.

Sprung floors
Harlequin offers a range of sprung floors that can be used in conjunction with a vinyl dance surface.

Harlequin Activity Sprung Floor SystemHarlequin Activity Sprung Floor System

Activity ® Sprung Floor System - a permanently installed sprung floor system based on a revolutionary triple 'sandwich' composite construction. Activity ® Sprung Floor System completely eliminates the need for metal springs and rubber pads and because it is a fully floating system with no fixings to the existing floor. It can be laid on almost any surface without preparation. Shock-damped to avoid a 'trampoline' effect and combining area and point elasticity to offer identical characteristics across the whole floor, Activity is ideal for ballet, reducing injury risk and enhancing dancers' performances.

Harlequin Liberty Sprung Panel SystemHarlequin Liberty Sprung Panel System

Liberty ™ - a floating floor system composed of sprung floor panels and available for either permanent dance studio installation or as stage panels for touring. Designed for safety and suitable for a range of dance disciplines, when combined with a Harlequin dance surface, Liberty™ provides the ultimate floor, allowing performers to concentrate on their art without fear of falling or injury.

Harlequin Woodspring BasketweaveHarlequin WoodSpring Basketweave

WoodSpring™ sprung dance floor draws on concepts dating back to the 19th Century. Harlequin’s modern interpretation blends a traditional construction approach with the technology of today's materials. Starting with a triple layer of wooden bearers laid at right angles to one another onto shock-absorbent elastomer pads, then covered with marine grade plywood and topped with a Harlequin vinyl dance surface or finished hardwood. WoodSpring™ provides a permanent dance floor solution for professionals appreciating a traditional approach.

Harlequin Woodspring BasketweaveHarlequin Home Studio Kits

Practice at home on the same floors danced on for a generation by all the famous names you know. Two kits are available as well as a Tap/Hip-Hop floor.

Hip HopHarlequin Tap Hip-Hop floor

Harlequin Tap/Hip-Hop Floor is the answer to many requests for an in-home roll out wooden mat which can go over hard surfaces, and yes, even over carpet! Made of wooden slats and held together by a muslin backing, the Tap/Hip-Hop Floor rolls up easily for storage and unrolls quickly for use.

Display floors
Please select from the choice of display floors below:

Harlequin AllegroHarlequin Showfloor

Showfloor - a multi-layer, plain colored vinyl display or exhibit floor covering with a choice of colors, is a decorative portable floor that can be laid on any hard smooth surface and is suitable for light to medium 'traffic'.

thumb_enduraHarlequin Endura

Endura- a heavy-duty flooring executed in a series of rugged industrial style designs, this range provides an ideal complement to the exhibition of 'high tech' product displays. With finishes such as sheet steel, deckplate and slate, Endura provides a distinctive contribution to a display area or an exhibition stand.

Harlequin ImpressionsHarlequin Impressions

Impressions - a range of textured and embossed designs from tire treads to abstract patterns, this exciting range of styles brings an added dimension to any display situation.

Harlequin ReflectionHarlequin Hi-Shine

Harlequin Hi-Shine rolls out instantly to a breathtaking wet-look finish! This hi-gloss surface is especially suited to awards shows and fashion runways. Available in 5 colors.

usa_thumb_designerschoiceHarlequin Designer's Choice

Designer's Choice - a range of true-to-nature designer styles including woodblock, cork, oakstrip, and checkerboard.

Harlequin Stone and TileHarlequin Stone and Tile

Stone and Tile - a series of flagstone, marble, slate, and tile designs to enhance the look and feel of the outdoors in displays and exhibitons.


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