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CM Chain Hoists

Applied Electronics is a full service stocking distributor for CM chain hoists and accessories. 

Prostar & Lodestar hoists are available in ¼, ½ & 1 ton versions which can be configured to meet any need with:

  • custom wiring & connector packages
  • cut-to-length chain
  • heavy duty fabric chain containers
  • custom truss integration solution
    CM Certified

We also feature an entertainment industry specific service department for all hoist parts, repairs and inspections.


CM Prostar Electric Chain Hoist

  • 300 & 500lb standard with available double reeve option to 600 & 1000lb
  • 12 ½” long, black powder coated hoist body is designed and built for the unique rigging applications encountered at smaller venues
  • Rigid hoist hook and swivel chain hook
  • Industry standard mechanical overload protection
  • Dual breaking system standard
  • Single & 3 phase versions available
  • Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty

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CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist

  • ½ & 1 ton standard with ¼ to 3 ton options
  • Easy to maintain and industry accepted with a tour proven record & durable power coated finish
  • Adjustable limits switches
  • H4 duty rated at 30 minutes / 300 start cycles per hour
  • Industry standard mechanical overload protection
  • Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty

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Chain Hoist Control

Complete hoist power & control systems

Applied Electronics is proud to offer an array of hoist control systems to meet any need.
As a CM distributor and custom electronics manufacturer we specialize in matching existing
hoist configurations as well as providing complete turn-key systems. Refer to some of our
standard configurations below or call to discuss the all the available options and designs.

MC Series Portable


  • Single phase (110 or 110/220V) or three phase (208V) configuration
  • Dual microprocessor design (main unit & hand held remote)
  • Full magnetic circuit breaker protection
  • From 4 to 32 hoists
  • Power & phase indicators
  • Enclosure options:

    • Lightweight rolling Pelican case
    • Suitcase style ATA case
    • Rolling distro style ATA case

    Remote features:

    • Individual "Bump" pushbuttons
    • Processor independent E-stop system
    • Red-Green direction LED indicators
    • 50' 6pin XLR data cable standard

    Connector options:

    • Multipin (7 or 19 pin "soco")
    • Dual twist-lock
    • Quarter turn multipin (P-14 or P-7)

MC Series Install

UL Listed

For permanent hoist systems in schools, churches & theaters the MC series install
controller offers all the features of the MC portable controllers in an electrician
friendly NEMA type 1 wall mount enclosure. This UL Listed controller allows conduit
to be run between the main unit and any of our custom hoist power / control outlet
boxes & remote plug in stations


  • Remote connection to main unit or external plug station
  • E-Stop integration with shunt trip main breaker systems
  • Dual twist or multipin install outlet boxes for clean installs
  • Hybrid systems with chassis mounted connectors for portable hoists

Dual twistlock outlet box
7pin outlet box Custom control

Hoist power & control outlet boxes (Dual twist & milti-pin) and custom remote plug & E-stop stations


From dual twistlock to multipin and feeder Applied offers complete cable packages to accompany any
hoist control system. Custom adapters & pickles are also available for any hoist configuration.
Dual twistlock cable
7pin cable Power cable 7pin to dual twist adapter cable CM Pickle

Pocket Pickle


  • Up and down control from a single switch
  • Small, fits in the palm of your hand
  • Belt clip included
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